Fitness Mind-set That You Need to Have

By | June 27, 2017

Getting yourself to exercise can be a little frustrating, especially if haven’t done any exercise for the longest time. Just thinking about the gym makes you want to lie on your bed and munch on some crackers while watching your favorite TV series, thinking that it is pointless.


But just by changing your perspective and willing yourself to move, going to the training center may not be as bad as it sounds. Any BJJ Dubai trainers will tell you that through step by step motivation, you can will yourself to move and be healthy.



  1. Be realistic


A lot of people fail going to the gym because they don’t have a clear sense of direction on their fitness goals. Without a purpose or something to look forward to, you will be motivated to go the gym. Set goal and ask your trainer if this is feasible. Together, you can make a timeline of what you need to achieve so you can set your eyes to the price.


  1. Be positive


A day or two of going to the gym will not turn your flabs to abs overnight. It takes consistency and dedication to achieve your goal. So if you don’t see results in the next few days, do not be discouraged. Go back to your fitness plans and make adjustments with your trainer.


  1. Listen


Being hard-headed will make it difficult for you and your trainer. Remember that your trainer has your best interest. Your achievement is their achievement, so listen to what they say and follow their instructions. If there is something that is bothering you or not clear, do not hesitate to ask. Your trainer will answer all your questions and guide you all throughout your fitness program.


  1. Exercise to be healthy not too look good


One of the wrong connotation about going to the gym is because you need to look good. This might be a good confidence booster for a while. But if you want to achieve holistic well-being, change your perspective about looking good and workout to keep yourself healthy. This will motivate you not only to get a trim body but also have a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Have Fun!


Yes, going to the gym sounds like hell and the workouts are gruelling. But there are ways to make it fun! Like list a song of music you can listen to while working out. You can also bring your friend and family to make trainer tolerable if not fun. Most gyms in JLT cater to clients of any age.