Say Bye to your Yellow Smiles:

By | February 21, 2018

Sparking smiles and fresh breath is dependent of our routine hygiene and dental and mouth care. Some smiles are not lucky enough to sustain that brightness and spark due to various reasons. These reasons include usage of caffeine and tobacco, heavy usage of alcoholic or cola drink, aging process, and improper care and hygiene routines. Hollywood smile clinic Dubai provides various types of dental treatments to maintain and freshen up your smiles without extra burden to your pocket or any other side effects. Tooth whitening and bleaching teeth are lightening processes for teeth that help to remove plaque, stains, and discoloration issues. Teeth whitening are most popular and favorite cosmetic dental procedure for those smiles that have no other dental problems like de-shape, dental decay, or gapes. Teeth whitening really improve teeth appearance and polish look and very common in many dental clinics in Dubai.

Teeth Whitening need uniform visits to dentist for follow-up procedure to maintain healthy white smiles. The basic outer structure of our teeth is made from a white layer called enamel. Enamel has a potential to attract stains and food particles which need proper cleaning and dental care routine to reduce the chances of yellow teething process.

Some other phenomena also develop stain marks inside the tooth or teeth which includes, trauma, excessive fluoride depositing during milk teeth development, cavity, and tetracycline antibiotics during child development in 2nd trimester, or similar issue during new teeth development after milk teeth broken. Dental procedure of tooth whitening is more effective on surface stains and yellow marks.

For teeth whitening the denture should be cavity free to give optimum results, else the whitening process may harm the infected gum and root of Cavite tooth. Whitening makes the teeth bit sensitive towards cold and hot effects. So it is most important thing to care them with proper fluoride based tooth paste and If you have tooth decay problem before or after tooth whitening inform your doctor at your earliest. If your denture is already exposed to dental ceramic, resin, or porcelain crown or veneer, the whitening process cannot be effective on those teeth.

Whitening process takes following steps:

  • Dentist took a photographic image of your teeth.
  • He asks few question regarding reasons of staining to choose the better option for you.
  • Clean the teeth with proper equipment and dental products for remove all bacteria, and food particles.
  • A teeth tray is made according to your teeth size and structure for regular home use.
  • A whitening gel is applied on the teeth tray and fit it on teeth at home regularly which will gradually remove all stains and whiten your teeth. This process is called vital whitening and its need two to three weeks to give accurate result.
  • Be sure to follow directions and avoid overuse, it will only damage your teeth and gums and make them more sensitive.

Tooth whitening can also be done dental clinic in which more powerful whitening gel is applied on teeth and give them a light or laser beam to activate the gel and make your teeth beach.  This procedure needs two to three dental visits with 30 to 90 minutes per visit procedure.

Dental veneers Dubai are another option for teeth shaping and whitening which is equally popular among youngsters and elders due to redefining the teeth structure and nice appearance. It is better to consult your doctor for appropriate procedure for you before taking any decision.