Benefits Of Male Fertility Treatment

By | October 1, 2017

There was a time when male infertility treatment was considered impossible. This was the case just a century ago. There were reasons for it as scientist and researchers didn’t have a clue why this was the case. In fact, the very nature of infertility among men was not properly understood until very recently. There were several reasons for it, as the science had not advanced to the level where we see it today. The amazing speed at which modern medical science has progressed is just mind boggling. We see things happening today that were impossible for people and even physicians to imagine 70 years ago.

Misconceptions About Infertility Among Males

Today, once unthinkable concepts are not only proven false, some of those that were thought to be the rule of thumb once is now considered as obsolete. One such concept is related to human fertility. Once, scientists thought it was only related to women, but modern research has proven those concepts as false. You now know that males also suffer from fertility issues which make them as vulnerable as females. Off course, this leads to the fact that if found infertile, a male will also have to consume food and medicine in the same way as infertile females do.

As a general rule, when the problem was discovered, so were the solutions. You find several different types of infertility treatment methods among male.  Some common ones are as follows:

  • Micro TESE
  • PESA
  • Testicular mapping
  • Sperm freezing
  • Semen analysis

Micro TEST

In this method, the male sperm is retrieved from the testicle through an incision. The incision will be done in the scrotum during which both testicles remain visible.


It is another type of process by which the sperm is retrieved through surgery. Here, the surgeon will insert a fine needle inside the epididymis just above the testicles. The sperm is gently sucked through the process and placed safely.

Analyzing Semen

The name says it all, as the semen is properly examined during this process and goes through a stringent fertility examination. Keep in mind that up to 50% couples are found to have some type of problem with the quality and overall count. This leads to problems in conceiving pregnancy. Physicians examine the semen and suggest methods to improve the quality by suggesting treatment methods.

Similarly, most women suffering from infertility issues prefer to go through the Ivf pregnancy process to conceive baby.