What are the differences between interior decorating and designing?

By | February 20, 2020

The art of interior designing can be explained by changing the entire structure of a room or a building internally. This kind of designing includes placing unique furniture, applying creativity to the walls, building geometrical and symmetrical corners in the room, keeping ancient statues, hanging paintings as well as modifying the material of the walls. All the previous components of decorations form a different display when they are accordingly arranged. If everything is decorated considering the historical era, the room will look like vintage. Mean while if the pieces are decorated according to the Sci-Fi or luxurious era, the room has full capability of giving a futuristic view with the best office interior design companies in Dubai.

There are a lot of debates over the internet where half majority of people list interior designers and interior decorators as same professionals. In fact there’s a fine line of difference in between both. In simple words, an interior designer can be called as an architect whereas an interior decorator can be known as a painter or a wallpaper artist. The designer spends a tough time building and sculpting different pieces of concrete as well as different substances for the elegant display of the room. In comparison to that, a decorator is experienced in painting a room with different shapes like embroidery as well as arranging various show pieces such as pots and bowls. 

An interior designer is capable of entirely changing the physical construction and formation of the room by applying details to the carved walls with rare colors, adding expensive crystals that aren’t easily found everywhere and connecting wooden objects from one end of the room to the other end of the room. A designer can make a room look like a fifth dimensional portal while actually being a three dimensional space. The process is not even difficult. There are numerous projects and objects of illusions that make the place look majestic or totally from another world. For example, absolute black is a color which is added side by side to the tiles of the walls. The color is so dark that it feels like we are looking directly into space – owing all to the best office fit out company in Dubai.

An interior decorator is mastered in painting the walls in the most creative way possible. The process can include master pieces like wild style graffiti, abstract art, ancient art which is always speaking about the era of 10,000 B.C as well as making replicas of famous paintings such as “Starry Night” or “Mona Lisa”. The decorator generates concepts of painting by going through the overall structure of the room. Along with painting, the decorator positions artistic objects in the room such as rocks, crafts and clocks.