Space saving furniture for small apartments

By | June 28, 2017

If you have a small apartment, one of the biggest challenges is finding furniture that can actually fit in your limited space. You don’t want to deprive yourself of basic comforts and needs, but you also have to consider how you can make your setup work in your space. The key to this is finding intelligent furniture that can help you maximize your space. The emergence of micro homes and simplified living has brought about new innovations in space saving furniture. With that said, here are some intelligent space-efficient furniture that you might want to incorporate into your little home:

  1. Dining table and chair set designed to fit into shelves – tables and chairs take up a lot of space in a home. But the thing is, you don’t always use them. We can use the computer while lying on the bed, or read a book while lounging in the sofa. The only time we really need a table and chairs is when we’re about to eat. Looking for a dining table set that fits into shelves allows you to have a storage space for your books, shoes, and other essentials. Plus, it gives you a readily available table and chair set for when you’re having dinner with friends. Just unfold the chairs and table, set it up, and you’re ready to host a party!
  2. Beds with pull out drawers – pull out drawers are a great addition to any room because they take up no space at all while giving you an opportunity to store things and organize your stuff. Instead of having enormous shelves taking up limited space in your room, you can have pull out drawers fitted under your bed so you can store your belongings. Store your books, shoes, clothes, power cables and other electronics – the choice is yours. If you can’t fit drawers under your bed, an alternative is having cube baskets placed side by side, giving you the same functionality.
  3. Adjustable beds – adjustable beds are excellent for saving space because you can essentially have a sofa and a bed at the same time. If you just want to chill out and watch your favorite Netflix series, you can adjust your bed to a comfortable position and while your time away. And when it’s time to finally tuck in for the night, you can just adjust your bed for a good night’s sleep. Just remember to have the kind of mattress that gives your back proper lumbar support to ensure that you don’t experience any back pain. That means going to a mattress store in Dubai and picking the right choice for you.