Bulletproof cars are important for protecting VIP

By | June 28, 2017

If you notice the sphere of life, you will see that a lot have been change; there are a lot of new innovations. Now if you pay a closer look to the car industry you will see that it has transformed big time! If you think that you are not a celebrity so you don’t need an armored vehicle or you are not a government official or the ambassador of any country so the bulletproof car is of no use for you, then you are thinking wrong. You need to understand that you are not safe!

Don’t you need an armored car?

You do need a bulletproof car! If you have money then you have enemies with it and to fight those enemies you need to make sure that you are safe. For VIPs and celebrities bullet proof cars are must because they need privacy from the eyes and they need high level of protection. The sight of imperfect world is always on them, to save themselves from the sight of an imperfect world they have to ensure about their safety.

Features of an armored vehicle

The basic reason if making bulletproof vehicles is to provide you safety from different kinds of attacks. If you don’t know about the features of bulletproof vehicles, you don’t need to worry. Here you will find it out.

Protection against explosion

The body panels of an armored vehicle are very strong. It gives you effective protection against the explosions. The manufacturers use nylon and fiber sheet to make the body and doors of the car.

Passenger compartment is completely safe!

Now the main passenger compartment can bear any kind of attack, be it firing or the explosion. The passenger compartment is precisely designed keeping all the factors in count so that the passengers get maximum level of protection. The compartments are made from high quality material and are heat resistant. They have laminate glass which gives you protecting against firing.

It is not like that only the passenger compartment is safe. All compartments of the car are safe. The armored car provides you protection against all types of bomb attacks, bullets, grenade attacks or many others.

Secret Exit

There is a secret thing about the armored vehicle. It has a secret exit to it. You can secretly exit from the vehicle. This helps personnel’s when they face the highest level of threat in face. To know about the best armored vehicles, click on read more.