Features Of An Online Payment Gateway You Should Look For

By | January 4, 2018

For e-commerce site owners, the payment gateway is an important feature that needs to have. This online tool or plugin can immensely help on making sure that buyers have a superb experience purchasing items from your site and it will also give the seller the confidence to market their products in different locations.

Given the importance of this feature, it is a must that site owners and online sellers choose a robust online payment gateway that would serve its purpose or more. Here are some top features that you should look for when checking out online payment gateway function:

  • Top notch security function


It is important that your online payment gateway has a rigid security function to protect the buyers and the sellers. It is through this platform that customers are inputting confidential information like their contact details and credit card information. If hackers will have access to this information, this can be used for illegal financial gains. It is a must that the UAE payment gateway providers have secure servers and security tools to prevent online illegal hacks.


  • Multiple payment options


Not all users are using the same credit cards and payment platforms. If you will limit your payment options to a few, there is a high chance that you will lose a huge number of prospective buyers. Having multiple payment options will widen your business efficiency and provide convenience for online customers who will have several options to choose from in terms of paying for items they want to purchase.


  • User-friendly dashboard


Although this can be tweaked in e-commerce site design, it would be best to have the online payment gateway integration that has user-friendly features, especially when inputting details. One of the major pain points the most online customers encounter is difficulty in accessing the payment gateway page and confusing fields on the payment page.


  • Speed in payment processing


Time is essential to everyone, especially to buyers. You need to ensure that transactions using the payment gateway would be quick and smooth. Slow payment processing can lead to losing potential sales. When integrating your payment gateway, check and calibrate the server speed of your website and of the provider. Be sure that both platforms are synched to prevent problems with regards to payment processing.


  • Competent customer support


When you are handling an e-commerce site, occurrence of payment problems is inevitable. There is no perfect system, but there should be an excellent technical support to help you in solving these issues. Make sure that your online payment gateway provider has 24/7 customer support to assist you.

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