How to create my own vintage homeware

By | June 20, 2017

What’s vintage homeware all about? Well, if truth be told, it ranges right from furniture to ceramics, from fabrics to items in the kitchen and even toys. The one thing with vintage homeware is that it serves a purpose in the household. Simply put, there are specific purposes that vintage homeware serves. Moving on with time, we have come to the year 2017, wherein home styles, appearance and interior design in Dubai have taken a turn towards what can be considered vintage. The times we live in have given us tons to get nostalgic about, thereby making us turn to things that could remind us of the days gone by. However, it also given us an opportunity to not just put our lives and homes under a re-evaluation, but additionally makes it possible for us to reorganize things in a more vintage fashion.

What you need to do to achieve the vintage look when working on homeware

See, the thing with the vintage look is that in order to achieve it, it is necessary for you to make sure that you keep things simple. What you basically need to do is come up with a blank canvas, and using it, you need to decorate the walls of your place in a tone that is not just crisp, but natural too. Considering that you are about to use the exact same colors all through your room, it is highly recommended for you to play around a bit with the surfaces and texture just to add a bit of life to it.

In order to showcase the homeware that you are coming up with, the accent colors that you should be using are inclusive of pale grey or white. The reason is that these colors have the potential to give them the potential to become the focal point of the room. Now, what you need to do is inspire yourself with the vivid, yet warm colors that were a trademark back in the seventies. This is basically going to help you come up with intensive contrasts amid the plain walls and the quirky patterns that you’ve set up. Here, make sure that you get into adventurous mode to get the best results. You could use accent pieces, cushions and even wall prints or vases for the said purpose.  To be honest, there aren’t any rules for you to put up with here so just have fun with the whole thing! Read More about fit out dubai