Pest Control: Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

By | May 10, 2017

How Bed Bugs Arrive into Your Home?

There are many ways bed bugs can get into your home. Maybe you have visited a bed bug-infested motel and some bugs climbed onto your clothes and/or other personal belongings. Your visiting friends may also be unaware that the public area they have visited are infested by these bugs and brought them into your home. There are many other possibilities but we should take note that bed bugs do not typically crawl into your home on their own; they are usually brought in by someone.


Have You Seen Bed Bug Fecal Spots?

Fecal spots created by bed bugs are usually reddish brown in color. But in other cases, these spots are bluish-purple. Mostly, these spots are seen on beds, pillows, and upholstered furniture. But in severe cases, these fecal spots can be seen on rugs, ceilings, and even curtains. Make sure you cover your nose while cleaning these fecal spots as their smell is really irritating.


How Can I Locate Bed Bug Eggs?

The eggs of bed bugs are white in color, oval in shape, and around 1 milimeter in length. It is not easy to locate these eggs but with the help of a bed bug-detecting dog from your trusted pest control company, the job will be easier. Because of their superior sense of smell, these trained dogs are a crucial tool in locating specific areas that are infested by bed bugs.


What are the Signs of a Bed Bug-Infested Area?

There are numerous signs that there are bed bugs in your home. If you wake up with little red bites on your skin, that may be a sign that you have these pests in your bedroom. Your bed may also have bed bug fecal spots and the smell of over-ripened raspberries.


Aside from Beds, Where Else Do Bed Bugs Live?

Some say that you can only be bitten by bed bugs while you are on your bed. Well, that is not true. They can be found in your home or in public places. You may found yourself with little red bites on your skin while commuting, may it be by train, bus, or airplane.

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