Cleaning companies and their services

By | September 30, 2019

There are numerous cleaning companies in all parts of UAE that provide different services which can assist the clients a lot in different ways.

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  • Residential cleaning: It is all about cleaning homes and villas. The companies have thousands of maids for this task. They send anyone of them to the client, who contact them, for two to four hours. These maids can sweep, mop and do dusting. Usually, the companies charge 35 AED for each hour but they provide the best services to their clients to meet their expectations. These also offer window cleaning services in Dubai.
  • Corporate cleaning: It is all about cleaning offices, hospitals, companies, schools and other places where people come to earn money. For this cleaning, the companies send their team of four to thousands of well-trained cleaners and sweepers who can clean and mop the office without disturbing others silently. Their charges are based on amount of work and number of sweepers sent by the company.
  • Swimming pool cleaning: It is all about cleaning swimming pools. The companies send their professional pool cleaners who clean the water and collect dust in one go in a pipe by cooperating with the client to meet the expectations and deadline. They can clean any size of pool within time to give you the best services and facilities.
  • Kitchen cleaning: Kitchen cleaning is to clean kitchen from A to Z. The maids clean cabinets from inside s well. They clean your lamps and bulbs of this place too besides brushing off dust from show pieces and walls of the main part of your home. They can clean your stoves and handles very well. Therefore, it is better to call them once a month or twice in two months to get a shiny kitchen.
  • Deep cleaning: Deep cleaning is too tough! That’s the reason why there are separate companies in Dubai which provide such cleaners and maids who can clean the place from all corners and nooks in such a ways that you would be unable to find a grain of dust or a shadow of spiders anywhere.

Sofa cleaning: It is another art. It is not easy to sweep off dust from all sides without taking out foams on which people sit. These cleaners clean sofas from all sides. They even turn them upside down to clean their base and even location on which they are placed.