The Basic Facts You Need to Know About Signboards

By | June 27, 2017

According to a business analyst, a promotional sign establishes a certain connection between a business and their target customers. Therefore, it is ideal for startup companies to incorporate innovative sign boards in their promotional initiatives. Some sign board companies in Dubai offer high-quality company sign boards that are tailor fit for the nature of your business. These signboards, when placed strategically, can significantly help increase brand awareness and also attract new customers.


Facts About Promotional Signboards

Here are a few more facts about promotional signs. We got them from several types of research and studies from different parts of the globe.

  • About 50% of new customers come into a store or business office because of the displayed signs near the location, regardless of the shape and size of the sign.
  • Although many promotional materials are more visible online, in broadcast and in print, traditional signage in buildings and roads could help in acquiring new customers. You wouldn’t know who could pass by near your store or office, so it’s always better to have some signboards nearby.
  • A study shows that 85% of a company’s target customers reside near the store or business premise – around 8 kilometers in radius to be particular. It simply tells us that the possibility of a promotional signboard to be seen by a company’s potential customers plays around 50 to 60 times per month.
  • Promotional signboards bring profit growth range of about 7.7% to 15.6%. Therefore, it’s safe to say that adding or improving your business signboards could lead to better revenue, whether these are new directional signs, building signboard, replacement of wall sign with a larger sign, pole sign, or one monument sign.
  • The value of on-site signage is the same as a 24-page newspaper per annum. The cost of a signage is much lower compared with other venues of advertisement such as televisions advertisements, radio advertisements, and newspaper write-ups. Indeed, signboards can help you save more budget in terms of marketing.
  • If you display the signboards near the company’s exhibit booth in an event, there’s a bigger chance that you would attract more customers, the media, and potential business partners. According to a trade show expert, to make your exhibit stand out on the floor, one must show the element of design, attractive signboards, and powerful logos.


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