Tax Consultancy : Everything You Need to Know About Tax Consultants

By | June 28, 2017

Tax consultants, also referred to as tax advisers, are professionals who are well-trained in the field of tax law. These financial experts have thorough knowledge about the regulations on taxes of individuals and businesses; they are the ones who give professional advises to clients about complying with federal as well as state tax legislations.


What are the duties and responsibilities of a tax consultant?

Basically, a tax consultant’s main job is educating clients regarding financial and tax-related topics. Tax consultants usually talk to their clients via phone and/or in-person to talk about the clients’ financial and tax concerns. Being experts in the field of tax law, they provide useful and practical tax options—they can help in computing taxes based on clients’ investments and in legally lowering tax liabilities. To make sure that they are updated with the most recent federal and state tax requirements, tax consultants should make it a point to always consult handbooks on tax law and search for bulletins about common and atypical tax procedures.


What is usually the work environment of a tax consultant?

There are 2 common work environments for tax consultants—it’s either they’re self-employed or they work for a financial/tax firm. They are usually out of their office (or home office) and travelling to meet their clients and to attend conferences. There are instances when they need to work on weekends and even on holidays to have meetings with new clients or to attend financial conferences.


What are the requirements to become a tax consultant?

Courses related to this line of work are finance, business, economics, and tax law; if you desire to be a tax consultant, it is advisable for you to have a degree on at least one of those courses. It’s a plus if you have additional experience or coursework in investments, estate planning, and risk management.


What are the traits of a good tax consultant?

Tax consultants deal with clients and other professionals daily. So, it is a must for them to have outstanding communication skills. Aside from that, they should also possess good analytical, math, and selling skills.
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