Nov 15, 2011

Compai cited as "Best Decor blog" by Refinery 29

Hey blog homies! I hope you all had a good weekend. I was a bit under the weather but I’m feeling much better today, feeling ready to attack all kinds of projects, starting with painting a few old mason jars I won on ebay last week.  How great are mason jars? So versatile, always clean with a nod to old-timey goodness?

I’ve been seeing them used a lot in the event-planing circles lately, they add a lot of charm to a space. The pendant lamps have a kind of industrial-chic thing, but at the same time look homey. I love drinking out of them, I love using them for storage. They look great clear or painted. And how sweet are the little salt and pepper shakers and the soap dispensers?  The vintage ones are amazing, but even the new jars have their charm and even more so because you can get get the at hardware stores for a buck each. Gotta love thrifty, recyclable design, and these things will never go out of style.

scenes from the weekend