Nov 15, 2011

Compai cited as "Best Decor blog" by Refinery 29

You’ll need: One old T- Shirt, One old doily, One strip of lace at least 3′ Long, 2 contrasting pieces of  ribbon at least 1′ lond each and at least .5″ wide.

1. Begin with any T Shirt

2. Convert the collar into a tunic collar by cutting collar off as shown

3. Trim the sleeves to a cap sleeve by cutting of from the arm-pit to mid sleeve, in front and back.

4. Measure out the length of your collar: a) from the shoulder to the beginning of the
tunic dip- for the L and R side. Cut out the pieces of lace from the lace strip that correspond to those measurements.
Measure the depth of the dip.  Cut out the pieces of lace from the doily that correspond to those measurements, cutting out “petals” for a flowery design (or whatever shape you fancy) for the applique.

5. Hand sew the doily and lace applications onto the shirt using a zig-zag stitch and matching thread color, as shown.

6. Cut ribbon into three 4″ strips. Fold each strip in half lengthwise to create a loop and sew three loops onto each side of the collar.  Lace a piece of ribbon through the 6 pieces of looped fabric and tie into a bow at top.

Thanks Sole Alberti, Corinne Krishnan and Natalie Gluck for your participation with this Compai Craft Tutorial.

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